Incarceration Nations Network (INN) is a global network that supports, instigates and popularizes innovative prison reform and justice reimagining efforts around the world.

INN is a partner-led organization that is: globally minded but locally grounded, attuned to problems but driven by solutions, focused on systemic change even as we work to clean up the mess of mass incarceration in the here and now. We are committed to transnational solidarity, intersectionality, working toward a world without prisons and ensuring that those directly impacted by the justice system lead the way to its radical reimagining.

INN works toward peace and community safety by thinking past prisons, correcting and connecting global justice work by:

  • Raising awareness about mass incarceration and the challenges of a prison-based system of justice in mainstream international contexts.
  • Connecting the dots between efforts in myriad countries, creating a global network of forward-thinking justice workers who consistently collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Supporting and promoting global organizations doing innovative, effective work related to incarceration, in ways that build safer communities and reduce recidivism.
  • Globally changing the narrative about prisons and the people in them by producing informative, accessible content and events related to incarceration and community safety; when appropriate, supporting strides made by governments in this arena by translating and amplifying progressive programs and policy changes to the masses.
  • Promoting the use of radical imagination in rethinking how we do justice both globally and locally.
  • Offering a wide-reaching international platform for those directly impacted by the justice system to lead the movement for its reform.