In collaboration with our global partners, INN produces policy toolkits for use by advocates worldwide

Virtual Justice:

COVID-19 created an enormous crisis for prisons and criminal justice systems worldwide, catapulting justice systems into the virtual realm almost overnight. INN’s two Virtual Justice Toolkits examine research and practical experience from around the world to provide guidance on the Dos and Donts of virtual justice.

INN calls on the US and other nations to #DefundThePrisons and invest in communities.

This means demanding both immediate reform—like swift actions to reduce prison and jail populations; the provision of reentry support to those returning from detention; the retooling of court practices and government policies, especially around drug crime, state supervision and petty offenses—and pushing for long-term systemic change that moves spending away from futile punishment and devastating harm and toward community justice, which truly generates peace. Learn more about what this #DefundThePrisons effort looks like in a US context in our toolkit.

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Remote Courts
Virtual Education in Prisons